Missing You...

11:57 AM Dewi 0 Comments

Ohh... how i miss my Martyr very much...

U know what, Martyr is a toddler now. Not a baby anymore since his age is 1 year.

Too bad I'm not save his latest pics in my office pc. Bad mama I am.

Well, later in my next online time at home i'll share his super duper cute pics.

Oh ya, Mother and baby has choosen my breastfeeding story.

Few days ago, hubby asked me what would i choose, become a full time housewife or a working mom. Hmmm... in one time I always jealous with the FTM's, coz they have a lot of time with their kids. But, in other hand I also want a career, my own money and my own life. My answer is, "i need to go to work. but in other place. in other position". Yes, I'm bored like hell with my jobdesc now.

Not like me, my hubby is so pleased with his job now. Alhamdulillah. Next week his office send him to Thai for 2 weeks. And after lebaran, the office will send us (yes, the Irawans) to Bali for another holiday. Whohooo...